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AWS Policy Generator

Step 1: Select Policy Type

A Policy is a container for permissions. The different types of policies you can create are an IAM Policy, an S3 Bucket Policy, an SNS Topic Policy, a VPC Endpoint Policy, and an SQS Queue Policy.

Step 2: Add Statement(s)

A statement is the formal description of a single permission. See a description of elements that you can use in statements.

Allow Deny

Use a comma to separate multiple values.

Use multiple statements to add permissions for more than one service.

Use a comma to separate multiple values.

Add Conditions (Optional)

Add Conditions (Optional) Hide

Conditions are any restrictions or details about the statement.(More Details).

Condition Keys

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Principal(s) Effect Action Resource Conditions  

Step 3: Generate Policy

A policy is a document (written in the Access Policy Language) that acts as a container for one or more statements.

Add one or more statements above to generate a policy.

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